Red Queen (Red Queen, #1) by Victoria Aveyard

Red QueenRed Queen
Author: Victoria Aveyard
Published by: HarperTeen
Released: February 10, 2015
Genres: Young Adult, Science-Fiction, Dystopia, Romance, Fantasy, Magic, Paranormal
Pages: 383
Format: Hardcover
In Series: 1st
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I read this book for my book club, The Elite Readers, read. You can join our club on Goodreads: here!

I’m still trying to process this book and I finished it two hours ago, I’m still in complete awe and shock! Such a shocking plot twist that had me in a fetal position screaming/sobbing out to the gods above! YOU THINK I’M JOKING? NO, I’M NOT!!!Politics. Poverty. and Power! I was hooked from the first chapter, reading and reading to know more. I was interested from the start with the title, cover, and the blurb.

The world is divided by blood, the Silvers and Reds. The Silvers have special abilities, It gives them the power and royalty. I later learn in the book that not all Silvers have power, but they are still more important than any Red. Silvers have silver blood, and of course the Reds have red. This book contains rebellion, betrayal, some romance, and as I mentioned, one hell of a twist.

Mare Barrow, she is a normal Red villagers living in the Stilts, close to becoming 18 years of age and being sent of to conscription, which is fighting a war that’s been going on for centuries. One night she meets someone, and everything changes. Mare Barrow is different, she’s special, and she’s not the only one. People have died, people like her, Reds who contain a power they shouldn’t have. Powers that could change their world, change the Silvers’ ruling. She could be the thing to crumple her kind, or help them climb to the top.

Let me take a moment to scream out that Maven and Cal had my feels all over the place, and I am still clutching my broken heart. It feels like an arrow has shot right through, like someone just ripped it from my body and crushed it. I’m in shock as I type this right now, How? Why? WHY?

The Queen, Elara, is a vicious one with her mind ability. She has this whole scheme and plan thoroughly thought out, and no one even saw it coming. I sure didn’t. Power is a dangerous thing, and It’s something she wants to keep, and will do anything to get it. Power is a game, and she’s always winning.

THAT ENDING THOUGH, OH MY GOD! I don’t want to spoil so go read it, you will NOT regret it!

I understand now why it’s titled Red Queen, and I cannot wait for the second book, but I have to WAIT FOR CENTURIES!!?? Victoria Aveyard, you did not disappoint, though you did break my currently aching heart, I forgive you!

Rise, Red as Dawn!

If you have a Goodreads, check out this review here!

Overall review:  5/5 stars!



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