The Allure of Julian Lefray by R. S. Grey

25558955The Allure of Julian Lefray by R. S. Grey
Published on June 29, 2015
Genres: New Adult, Romance, Romantic Comedy
Pages: 297
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Warning: this novel contains sexual content as well as vulgar language. Reader discretion is advised.

Goodreads Synopsis:

Subject: Justin Timberlake Nudes!

Lily, you predictable perv. I knew you’d open this email faster if I tempted you with a glimpse of JT’s “PP”. Well, put your pants back on and grab some bubbly because I have much better news to share.


As of tomorrow, I’ll be the new executive assistant at Lorena Lefray Designs. I am SO excited, but there’s one itty bitty problem: I won’t be Lorena’s assistant. I’ll be working for her older brother, Julian.

I know what you’re thinking- “But Jo, what’s the problem?”

Google him. Now. He’s the man in the fitted navy suit whose face reminds you that there’s hope yet for this cruel, ugly world. Keep scrolling…Do you see those dimples? Yup. That’s the Julian Lefray I will be reporting to tomorrow morning.

Lord, help us all…


My Review

ARC provided by the Author in favor of an honest review.

This is only the second book that I have read by R.S. Grey, and OH MY STARS!! I’m coming to find that all of her books are a quick can’t-put-down sexy, laugh-out-loud, sweet, and fun read! I’m totally hooked within the first few pages!

This novel follows the fresh-out-of-college twenty-three year old, Josephine Keller, starting her new life in New York, very fashionably. She’s from a very small town in Texas, with hopes to making it big in the fashion world, and she’s out on her own with no support from her parents.

Where I grew up, football reigned and being a vegetarian was on par with being a Satanist.

I can relate to Jo on many levels, some being the blogging part and hoping to pursue your dream in a city, as well as some personality here and there (I lucked out on having her wickedly gorgeous looks though).. She has a very crappy apartment, along with some very… friendly neighbors.. *cringes at that part in book*.

It starts out as Jo is getting in a cab to go to a Gala she was invited to, and I knew I would love the book simply based on the conversation between Jo and the cabbie. I automatically come to adore Jo and Lily’s friendship, It reminds me of me and my best friend sometimes. She also runs a blog, but it’s about food!

Lily: I looked him up last night per your email… Y’know, maybe you should have mentioned the fact that he is a 10.10 on “Josephine’s hot guy scale”?

Josephine: I hadn’t noticed.

Lily: I’m so calling bullshit on that.

Josephine: Lalalala. Can’t hear you over the sound of my future calling. Oh, it’s Vogue. I better take it.

Lily: You are so lame.

aaaand, another heart felt, friend-on-friend convo…

Josephine: Lil, I was just watching the sunrise over the Hudson and it reminded me of how beautiful you are.

Lily: Enough with your false flattery Slutilda. If you keep texting me, I will straight up kill you. LET ME SLEEP.

We are introduced to the sexy, rich, can-I-have-you-with-sugar-on-top, Julian Lefray, who is helping with his sister, Lorena’s, fashion company while she’s in rehab. It just so happens that Jo has submitted her application for Lorena Lefray Designs Assistant. They have a run-in at the Gala and while she asks to put in a word for his sister, he can’t help but admire the way she looks in her red gown. Do you think she gets the interview? Do they hook up? Will there be sexual tension? Ooh, you’ll just have to read this book to find out because I will not spoil any more juicy details!

I will say, Jo and Julian become much more acquainted with each other, boundaries are broken, sex happens, and a family might have been repaired! Oh the feels!

There’s also a friend of Julian’s, Dean, who owns many restaurants and bars, and boy did my mind click when I put the pieces together. Lily has a good blog. Dean owns restaurants that sells food… Oh, la, la.

Now, on to talk of other things…
This story is told in both Josephine and Julian’s POV, giving the readers a good sense of what goes through their mind, and how naughty they’re thoughts could be. There have been many times where I’m cackling from a witty and numerous thought of Josephine’s, I swear, she’s like an upgraded and more attractive and talented version of me… Oh, and more stylish!

If you are looking for a New Adult Romance Comedy with a hunky male you just want to dip in ice cream, then this is a book for you! Don’t miss out on a chance of the Allure!


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