hi, i’m courtney!

but you could call me court if you’d like. and as you can tell, i love to read! i’m twenty-two and residing in a small-ish town in south-central kentucky, having to drive half an hour just to get to a starbucks or barnes and noble! i love love love coffee, it runs in my veins, you can just call me a gilmore girl!

when i’m not reading books or inhaling coffee, i’m listening to audiobooks, watching korean dramas, listening to k-pop/korean music, watching zoella on youtube, learning korean, blogging, sleeping, or spending time with my boyfriend.

my favorite author, book trilogy and series, characters, relationship, world, and basically everything is cassandra clare’s shadowhunter chronicles including: the mortal instruments, the infernal devices, the dark artifices, and soon to be more! these books honestly mean so much to me that i even got the fearless rune tattooed on my wrist!


All of my Social Media sites:

Instagram: @librarycutie
Goodreads: librarycutie
Twitter: @librarycutie_
Ask Annonomously or Feedback!
E-Mail: librarycutie@outlook.com
YouTube: librarycutie
Snapchat: librarycutie

Instagram: cpfaith
Tumblr: coffeesweaters
Spotify: cpedigo1596
^^(I make fandom related playlists and share the account with my boyfriend, so maybe you can enjoy my billion playlists of literally everything!)((there may be a lot of k-pop in the first couple playlists oopsies))
P.S. I don’t add anyone on Facebook unless we’re close friends.


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